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Are You Tough Enough?

Who We Are:

Tough Enough 2 Care is a non-profit disaster relief response initiative. When disaster strikes, no matter the form or fashion, TE2C is ready to provide relief in the form of helping hands. 

We know that nothing can replace what has been lost, but like a band aid, we aim to ease the pain in any way we can!


Natural Disasters are devastating in every way. But we look past the ruble, and set our sights on helping our fellow neighbors regain their footing. No matter the issue, we will be standing right beside you! 


Do you own a business and would like to be a part of our team? Whether you have rescue equipment, technology, safety gear, etc., Tough Enough 2 Care wants to put it to use, to help those in need! Contact us for more information!


Stay up-to-date with our team and Custom Vehicles, to see what upcoming events we will be at, or even our relief efforts at a recent disaster. Follow us on Facebook, and be sure to share us with your friends! 

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