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  Using a 2017 Ford F-550 Super Duty, NewScope Marketing teamed up with Skeeter Brush Trucks to deliver a 6x6 firefighting BEHEMOTH! Thanks to Skeeter, and many high quality sponsors, the 6x6 Firewalker is now ready for emergency responses, special events as well as tackling major brush fires.

  The 6x6 Firewalker is equipped with a 500 gallon water tank and a 10 gallon foam tank that are sprayed from a remote controlled nozzle mounted on the front grill. The sprayer can douse flames with 175 gallons per minute at 215 psi, and is controlled with a muti-angle joystick, from the safety of the driver’s seat. Additionally, the Firewalker is equipped with an overhead spotlight, axes, crowbars, extinguishers, and even the Jaws of Life!

6x6 Brush Truck
6x6 Brush Truck

  The 6x6 Brush Truck is a unique build, since it actually began life as a Ford F-550 that was built as the "Ultimate Ranch Truck", and the name speaks for itself! A large flatbed on the back and a brush bar up front, made it the envy of any rancher to feed livestock, or the ability to take on any other ranching chores!

  But, that wasn't enough for the NewScope Marketing Team! Why not turn the 4x4 into another 6x6 firefighting truck that would assist the community? So began the transformation! Adding a tandem rear drive-axle, 400 gallon water tank, 10 gallons of foam, a unique grill, windshield surround, Kenwood radios, winch, and custom colors turned the ranch truck into the 6x6 Brush Truck you see here!

2014 BFT Search & Rescue Raptor

  Considering the off-road capabilities of Ford's Raptor, NewScope's build team immediately recognized the Raptor's significance as a Search & Rescue vehicle!

  By adding all of the necessary emergency equipment, this Raptor is ready for duty!

2013 BFT Rescue Truck

  Emergency vehicles are nothing new to NewScope Marketing when it comes to custom builds! 2013 saw this Ford F-550 Super Duty transform into a Rescue Truck of monumental presence and capability, leaving no doubt about Ford's Truck slogan . . . Built Ford Tough!

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